2" Extreme Duty Isuzu Amigo/Rodeo StinkyLinks

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Extreme duty lower suspension links for 98+ Isuzu Amigo and Rodeo

Almost a decade ago we were the first company to recognize one of the biggest weaknesses with the later model Coil sprung Isuzu SUV's, their flimsy lower suspension links! We designed up the first set of StinkyLinks for Troopers, and later expanded to cover the Amigo/Rodeo crowd as well. These proved to be essential for anyone taking their Isuzu offroad, and have continued to be one of the first things many Isuzu owners modify on their vehicles.

We've recently updated our popular StinkyLinks with a new design, and new options. All StinkyLinks now use Heat and Cryo treated CroMoly Rod ends for superior strength and durability. An added benefit is that you can now adjust the length to correct your wheelbase, pinion angle and axle alignment when used with a lift kit. We are now also offering them in 2 sizes. The Smaller of the 2 uses 1.5" tubing with a .250" wall thickness, and uses 3/4" Rod ends. The Extreme Duty version uses 2"x.250 wall tubing with 7/8" rod ends to make them nearly indestructible. Stop bending the flimsy stock links, and upgrade to ones that you should never have to replace again!

Please Note: This product is fabricated at the time of order, and will usually require 3-5 days before shipping.