About StinkyFab

My name is Dallas Ashley and I am the owner of SFR. This company was spawned from my love of working on vehicles of all sorts, and a passion for metal fabrication. Since 2001 I've been working on all sorts of vehicles including Jeeps, Suzukis, Toyotas, Isuzus, as well as a host of different competition vehicles that compete in rock crawling and desert racing events all over the world. I spent the last 7 years acting as Crew Chief for the RedBull Rockcrawling Team and during that time have built, repaired and worked on many different vehicles that have competed in WERock, King of the Hammers, Ultra4 racing, Euro Trial, and SCORE Desert Racing including the Baja1000. Working on so many different vehicles both in the shop and in the field has given me a very broad perspective on design and a talent for solving problems and figuring out how to make a vehicle work properly, as well as making it easy to service.

The Shop here at SFR is equipped with nearly every tool you need to build just about anything you can dream up. We have the ability to computer design, cut, and engrave custom plate and sheet metal parts on our in house CNC table; turn bushings, adapters and suspension links on the lathe; form, shear, punch and dimple plate on the iron worker; bend tubing into just about any shape in the bender; and put it all together with either MIG or TIG welding processes. We truely can do just about anything for your vehicle, from some simple bracketry, to building you a completely new one from scratch.


The SFR Family

There are a number of people that contribute to everything that goes on around here. Some are employees, some are family, some are friends that are just like family. One isn't human, but keeps us all smiling. In no specific order here are the people that help make this place work.

Arna is probably the most important person around here. Officially she's the CFO, unofficially she's the one that keeps everything in order and running. She makes sure all our paperwork and book keeping is done properly and basically does all the jobs that nobody wants to do. She also happens to be my mom, and a lot of fun out on the trails. If you ever see her red Isuzu Amigo running around the desert make sure to say hi. If you're lucky you'll get invited to dinner, she's also a pretty dang good campfire cook.





Wayne has been here pretty much from the start. Wayne is a great friend who is also a bit of a fabricator and mechanic. We built his buggy together here a few years ago and he's always helping out with new projects. He's also the one that put this whole site together, so if it's broken you can blame him. (thanks again Wayne)


Chassis has literally grown up in the SFR Shop. She spends most days either guarding the place by licking anyone that enters, running around picking up random objects and playing with them, or simply creating a trip hazard by stretching out for a nap in the middle of the floor.