Aluminum Isuzu Rodeo/Amigo Suspension Links

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Aluminum Rear Lower Suspension Links for Isuzu Rodeo, Rodeo Sport, and Amigo.

Over a decade ago we were the first company to recognize one of the biggest weaknesses with the later model Coil sprung Isuzu SUV's, their flimsy lower suspension links! We designed up the first set of StinkyLinks for Troopers, and later expanded to cover the Amigo/Rodeo crowd as well. These proved to be essential for anyone taking their Isuzu offroad, and have continued to be one of the first things many Isuzu owners modify on their vehicles.


Now we are happy to offer the Isuzu crowd yet another option for upgrading their suspension. We are now offering our 7075 Aluminum suspension links, specifically sized and set up for the Rodeo, Amigo, Trooper and Vehicross. 7075 Aluminum offers a couple benefits over plain steel links. They are lighter, and the aluminum has a bit more spring to it, meaning that it can bend more before it becomes permanently bent. They also dont rust, and just plain look nicer than steel. These are made from 1.75" 7075 Aluminum alloy and come with 7/8" Heat and Cryo treated CroMoly Rod ends for superior strength and durability. These are the same ends that we use on the 2" Extreme Duty steel suspension links, and come with all necessary spacers to fit the stock bracketry. Note: the links shown also have optional wrench flats machined into one end to allow you to hold the link with a wrench while tightening the jam nuts. If you would like wrench flats added to your order please add 2 of this item to your cart as well. Wrench Flats




Please Note: This product is fabricated at the time of order so please allow some extra time for machining and shipping. Also note, each link is custom made to order, all sales are final.