Atlas II Transfercase Mockup


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Atlas II Mockup Tool

Anyone who's built a custom rig with an atlas in it knows what a pain it is to heave that thing in and out multiple times for test fitting, setting the clocking angle, etc. What's even worse is when you're trying to start a new project, and the lead time on your new t-case is cutting into your build time. Well I recently came up with this solution for one of my projects and I'm now offering it for sale. This dummy t-case is designed so that by moving pieces around it can be used for either drivers or passenger side front outputs, the rear output can be slid in and out to match the 2 different output lengths, and it can be infinitely clocked. On the back there is a full clocking chart is engraved in for quick reference. It lists all the possible clocking angles for an atlas II 2speed. Also by lengthening the tube that the clocking ring is attached to this can be used to mock up 4 speed t-cases as well.


This product comes as a "you weld" kit. This simply includes the CNC cut and engraved parts that make up the body. The customer will need to supply the tubes and hardware and weld the pieces together. 

Please Note: This product is fabricated at the time of order, and will usually require 3-5 days before shipping,