Baofeng UV-5R / Rugged RH-5R Radio bracket - Weld On

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Mounting Bracket for Handheld radios

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These little radios are becoming the most popular way to communicate in the desert and at the race track for good reason. They are inexpensive and work very well. The only problem is how to mount them in your vehicle. These brackets solve that problem, giving you a solid, secure place to clip your radio. They are designed to lock into place using the belt clip on the radio so it will never come loose no matter how rough the trail, while still allowing you to quickly and easily remove the radio when you need it. We make our brackets in 2 versions, one with tabs for bolting to a flat surface like your dash or floorboard, and one that is designed to be welded to your roll cage. Simple and easy to modify to fit any location. These were designed specifically for the "5R" radios, but can also be used for many other things with a similar sized belt clip. Cell Phones, iPods, other radios, etc.