Jeep Motor Mounts


This is what's left of a customers drivers side engine mounting bracket after the stock bolts failed and the casting broke. What you cant see is that all the bolts on the other side failed as well, allowing the entire engine to fall down onto the axle, destroying the radiator, hoses, and various other parts under the hood. As bad as that is, it could have been worse. It could have been the engine block that broke instead like this unfortunate Jeep owner.

If the Jeep 4.0 Liter engine has one weak point it's in the stock Motor Mounts, and the small area of the block they mount to. Our engine side mounting brackets cure the issues of broken bolts, broken mounts, and broken engine blocks by attaching to more locations and spreading the loads over more area of the block. We offer our mounting brackets for all 6cylinder models of XJ Cherokee, and YJ, TJ, and LJ Wranglers. We also offer heavy duty replacements for the weak stock rubber frame mounts that always crumble and fall apart.

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