Jeep JK Wrangler Trail Proof Steering Kit

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JK Wrangler Trail Proof Drag Link

This is the complete solution to your steering linkage problems.

Are you sick of bending your steel tie rod when you knock it on a rock? Well here's your solution. 7075 Aluminum is super tough and strong enough for serious rockcrawling, and unlike steel it can flex and return to its original shape again and again. If you're just running in the rocks this is the answer to that bent tie rod problem.

This is a solid aluminum tie rod, with 7/8-18 threads and includes offset 1-ton Tie Rod ends. One end is right hand threaded and the other is left to make alignment simple. These tie rod ends use the standard GM 1-Ton taper and will require reaming if you are not already running aftermarket knuckles with the GM taper. You will also need 17" wheels with at least 3.75" backspace. May not fit all factory wheels, check wheel/tire fitment prior to installation.

The stock JK drag link is a weak point in the steering system. Our heavy duty Trail Proof Drag Link upgrades it to 1.5" .25"wall tubing with big 1-Ton GM style tie rod ends with 7/8-18 threads.


These are custom made to order and require extra time for machining.


If you're curious just how much abuse 7075 Aluminum can take, this real world testing video should set your mind at ease.