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New Roll Stop TRE Boots!

New Roll Stop TRE Boots!

Jul 7th 2019

Here's another new product we've been working on for a long time. The inverted-T steering system is a very common design, sold by many companies including SFR. The only drawback to this design is that … read more

Summer 2019, Notice from the owner

Posted by Dallas Ashley on May 24th 2019

Due to unforeseen circumstances I will be spending much of the summer away from the shop. As a result the majority of our production will be shut down while I am away. Beginning June 1st we will not b … read more

NEW! Trail Proof XJ Crossmember & T-case skid

May 17th 2018

People have been asking us to build a heavy duty crossmember to go with our long arm kits and now we have one. This can be used on its own on any XJ or MJ, or in conjunction with our long arm brackets … read more

Why are SFR drivetrain mounts better?

May 8th 2018

There are a lot of companies making Jeep motor mounts these days, and several making engine brackets and transmission mounts as well. We like to think that we build the best of both, and we feel we ca … read more

Project Lab Rat, chapter 1

Mar 30th 2018

This is the story of our shop truck, which we call the Lab Rat. The reason for that is simple enough, not only is it a work vehicle, used for parts runs and local deliveries, but it's also a test vehi … read more