SFR High Roller WJ Steering & Brake kit (XJ/MJ)


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WJ High Steer & Big Brake Kit for Jeep XJ, ZJ, MJ

If you have lifted your Jeep you have probably already discovered the limitations of the stock steering and brakes. The steering is weak, the geometry isn't good, and it's vulnerable to being damaged by rocks on the trail. In addition when you put bigger tires your brakes have to work harder, and the stock calipers and rotors just aren't up to the task. The best way to fix all of this is to convert to a WJ crossover style steering system, move the links up out of the rocks, and put on larger, more powerful brakes. Until now this has been a very challenging project, requiring you to source parts from various different vehicles, as well as fabricating or modifying parts from several different places to get the geometry right. Usually this ends up becoming a lot of trial and error, time in the shop and money out of your pocket. We decided to change all that.

This is the SFR High Roller kit. We have put together everything you need to upgrade your steering and brakes once and for all using only the highest quality components. We include ALL the parts, not just bits and pieces, and we do the most difficult machining steps for you to make the install as easy as possible. Included in this package you will recieve:

  • -Detailed installation instructions to guide you through step by step, including a parts list so you can always find replacement wear items.
  • -NEW WJ steering knuckles already machined for over the top 1ton steering
  • -NEW Pitman arm machined for 1ton TRE
  • -NEW double drilled Centric brake rotors, Centric calipers, and hardware
  • -NEW Timken Unit bearing Hubs
  • -NEW Dana Spicer Ball joints
  • -7075 Aluminum tie rod with offset tie rod ends
  • -7075 Aluminum Drag link with new MOOG tie rod ends
  • -7075 Aluminum track bar with joints 
  • -SFR Lower Track bar mount
  • -SFR Upper Track bar mount
  • -SFR Over the Top Sway Bar brackets
  • -SFR Sway Bar Relocation Brackets
  • -SFR Bearing Spacers
  • -SFR Spring Bucket Supports
  • -Necessary hardware


We have done our best to take a very difficult and confusing project and make it simple and easy to install. This is still a very in depth conversion however, and welding is required as is general mechanical knowledge. Installation should be done by qualified personnel only. Please note: This kit is intended for use with 17" wheels. Some 16" wheels may fit with proper backspacing. 15" wheels are not recommended. Extended length brake lines will be necessary for lifted vehicles that do not already have them installed.

Please allow extra time for shipping and delivery of this kit.

Any modification to your steering, brakes, or suspension will alter how your vehicle drives. Care must be taken to avoid loss of control or rollover of modified vehicles. SFR Products are sold for Off-Road vehicles. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for its safe operation and use.