UNDER the Knuckle Premium 1-Ton Steering Jeep XJ, TJ, ZJ

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We have taken the basic 1-Ton steering kit to the next level. Instead of doing the same old steel tie rod and drag link that everyone does we've gone with machined 7075 Solid Aluminum. This material has a lot of flexibility so when you run into a rock (and you will) it can flex and spring back to its original shape. Steel just bends and stays bent. 

We also believe in only supplying only the highest quality components. The other guys cut corners by supplying the cheapest Tie Rod Ends possible. Notice that nobody ever mentions what brand TREs come in their kits? We supply only the highest quality MOOG TREs with our kits so that you can install it once and forget about it for a long long time. 

Available for use Under the Knuckle (UTK) with stock track bar setups, or Over the Knuckle for those running more lift or who want more ground clearance. Both are the same 1.5" diameter 7075 Aluminum, and include 4 new Tie rod ends. The steering and track bar combo kit also includes frame and axle track bar brackets for the XJ and a 7075 Aluminum track bar with cromoly heim joints. 

NOTE: Your Knuckles and Pitman arm will need to be re-tapered to fit the GM style 1-Ton TREs. You can do this with the proper tapered reamer, or by using our machined pitman arm and tapered knuckle inserts.

For OTK installs you will need to move your trackbar up to match the drag link angle or you will get bumpsteer. We recommend using our OTK Track Bar Kit. You will also need to remove or relocate the stock sway bar mounts as well as some other trimming and fitting for clearance. 

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing. 

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    Good Stuff

    Posted by Chris A. on Aug 29th 2018

    I was searching for upgrades for my XJ’s worn steering components and ended up chosing this kit. It’s beefy!! Draw backs, really tight clearance around the stock track mount/bolt on the axle, and the tie rod ends are SUPER TIGHT!! I had to put pipe wrenches on them to get them to thread in and still couldn’t get them all the way in! And no they weren’t cross threaded, I had them threaded in about 1.5” before they were impossible to turn. Other than that I’m pleased with this kit and if you don’t mind teaming you knuckles you’ll enjoy this kit.

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    XJ 1 ton UTK KIT

    Posted by Keith hendricks on May 30th 2018

    Product arrived a day early. This steering dwarfs the stock setup and was packed exceptionally well. Tie rod and drag link was stretch wrapped the entire length which I left wrapped till install was finished so there were no marks on the aluminum. The finish on the aluminum is great the pictures don’t do it justice. Steering feels much better Instructions were complete and great. Install was easy and I bought the reamer and reamed my knuckles. Complete install was done in my driveway. Excellent product and would definitely recommend the Stinkyfab kit. My brother now wants one for his Jeep.