Virtual Tire


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The Virtual Tire is a tool for checking fitment of any wheel and tire combination without needing to actually mount the tire.

If you've ever built a rig on a chassis table, or even on the floor you've probably run into the problem of trying to figure out if a tire is gonna rub something and you cant actually put a tire on either because the table is in the way, things aren't stable enough, or you just haven't gotten your new meats yet! Heck, maybe you've just been wondering how big a tire you can really fit on your rig.

Well that's where this little tool comes in. A while back when I was building Mishka I built the first prototype of this, shaped to duplicate the cross section of the wheel and tire I was going to be using. I was able to bolt this light metal tool onto the hub and swing it back and forth to see where there was room, and where it would be tight. It would have been impossible to do this with a real tire because of the table, not to mention the difficulty of trying to lift 150+lbs of wheel and tire and move them around. The only problem with the tool I made was that it only mimicked one tire and wheel combination. Well I've revisited the design, and here's what I've come up with.

The new "Virtual Tire" is actually 3 pieces that can slide to adjust to different tire sizes and wheel backspacing. The "tire" can be adjusted from 35" all the way up to 42". The "wheel" can be adjusted from 2" to 5.5" of backspacing.* The mounting flange has holes to line up with almost every hub I could think of, 5x4.5", 5x5.5", 6x5.5, 8x6.5, 8x170mm. Trust me, once you've used this thing once, you'll wish you had it a long time ago.

Because of differing hub dimensions we now offer the Virtual Tire in a large and small center hole version. The small version will fit most axles up to a 4.25" hub diameter. The large version will handle up to a 4.75" diameter hub, but does NOT have the 5x4.5" bolt pattern.


*because of variations in tire profiles the backspacing measurements are to the edge of the rim. For more accurate fitment you should place your tire flat on the floor, inside down, and measure up to the mounting surface, then duplicate this measurement on the "virtual tire"

Please Note: This product is fabricated at the time of order, and will usually require 3-5 days before shipping,