PayPal Refund Notice

Paypal has recently changed their refund policy. As you probably know all credit card processors charge merchants a percentage for each transaction. For StinkyFab Racing PayPal has been that processor for many years. In the past when a refund was issued PayPal also refunded their fee percentage as well. Recently PayPal has changed their policy and decided that they will no longer refund their fees. This means that if a customer purchases a product then returns it, and the retailer issues a full refund to the customer they are actually refunding more than they received. For example if a customer pays $100 for a product, after PayPal takes their fees the seller may only get $95. With this new policy if the customer returns an item PayPal keeps the $5 fee, and the seller would refund the entire $100 even though they only got $95 originally.

We do not agree with this practice and fee that it is an unfair policy, but unfortunately PayPal essentially just says take it or leave it. With the introduction of our new web site you now have another option for payments besides paypal, and we recommend using it. For those who choose to still use PayPal we have been forced to modify our refund policy.

Beginning November 1, 2019 all refunds for orders placed using PayPal shall incur a 5% charge simply to cover this PayPal fee. This applies to ALL refunds, including cancelled orders. We hate doing it, and have never charged restocking fees in the past, but in this case unfortunately it's not a charge for putting things back on the shelf, it's money that is being taken from both of us by PayPal.