Front Skid Plate set for Plastic Bumper

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Solid protection for the front of your Bronco. Built from 3/16" thick steel to take serious abuse and zinc plated for rust protection.

The plastic bumper crowd has been ignored for long enough! We know there are plenty of people who want to really use their Bronco, and who need more protection than the stock plastic splash guards. This is for you! These heavy duty skid plates will protect all the vulnerable parts up front, and are also designed to fit Broncos that came with the plastic bumper with the tow rings below the frame. Many others either don't provide for the tow rings, or force you to remove them. Our front skid plate is designed for maximum clearance, and is narrow enough to fit between the tow rings. No compromises here. 

The bottom engine/differential skid is also built as high and tight as possible. We believe the only thing that's better than having a really tough skid, is to have a skid that you don't even hit because it's not hanging down more than necessary. 

Only fits plastic OEM front bumper. Also fits SFR Sledgehammer series bumper

Uses factory mounting locations and includes hardware.