Sledgehammer Series Front Bumper for Bronco 6G

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When we started designing a front bumper for the new Bronco we had a few things in mind. Light weight, high clearance, recovery ready, and that it had to work with all factory sensors. We definitely achieved those goals with this one. By putting the meat in the places you need it and not where you don't we kept the weight down to just 45lbs, because there's nothing worse than losing half your lift to bumper weight. 

Just from looking at it you can see how much clearance was gained in front of the tires, and we kept the bumper as tight as possible to the front to retain the steepest approach angle as well. Not only that, we were able to retain all the factory proximity and adaptive cruise control sensors without the need for relocation brackets. 

The bumper has holes across the top for mounting up to 5 lights or a light bar, and there's room in the intercooler opening for a pair of pod lights as well. We choose Baja Designs lighting for the best performance and quality, and their Squadron Pro LED's are shown here. 

There are two 3/4" thick recovery shackle tabs, and if you plan to really get rowdy, we also offer an optional winch attachment that can be added. 

Bumper ships in bare steel. Powdercoating will be optional for an extra charge.