Crash Bar Delete Body Mounts

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Do you want to run bigger tires on your Bronco? Or are you running a high clearance bumper and hate seeing those giant appendages hanging out in front of the tire? The forward crash bar mounts on the 6th Gen Bronco are massive, hideous things that don't allow for anything bigger than the stock 35" Sasquatch tire. The only problem is that the front body mounts are also integrated into them, so you can't just remove them. 

Our Crash Bar Delete Body Mounts are simple brackets that allow you to entirely eliminate the front crash bar structure, and replace it with the minimum amount of bracketry. Only what you need, none of what you don't. WELDING IS REQUIRED, but overall the install is easy and straightforward. Just cut the square tube between the crash bar and frame rail with a reciprocating saw, and weld the new bracket into place. If you're not a welder, this is a simple job that any 4x4 shop, exhaust shop, or local welder should be able to tackle in just an hour or 2. 










Disclaimer: This is a permanent modification, and requires removal of the crash bar support structure. In certain types of collisions this can effect the performance of the vehicles safety design. By choosing to modify your vehicle in this way you are accepting liability for any resulting impact stemming from this modification. Install at your own risk. This product is intended for off-road use.