SFR Long Arm Kits for Jeep XJ Cherokee

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Our Long Arm brackets are designed with optimal suspension geometry and performance in mind. They are designed to be used as part of a 4 link setup, but can also be run as a 3 link with the upper on either side. Built from 3/16" steel throughout they are beefy enough for the most hardcore use. They are designed to be bolted on and come with all hardware, but also have slots and plug holes for a weld on attachment as well. These do not require replacement of the stock crossmember. Perfect for those already running a short arm lift kit wanting more articulation and wheel travel. We recommend at least 4" of lift to allow adequate compression travel. 

The brackets are available by themselves, or combined with our 7075 suspension links in either a 4 or 3 link configuration.

The 4 Link kit includes 4 machined 7075 Aluminum link arms with Currie Johnny Joints for the lowers, and a combination of Johnny Joints and our heavy duty clevis ends for the uppers. Our Clevis ends are designed to attach at the axle using stock JK control arm bushings. These are the same size bushing as the stock XJ, but with a larger ID sleeve for use with a 7/16" bolt instead of the tiny 10mm XJ bolts.

The 3 Link Kit includes the same lower links as the 4-link kit, but only a single upper. It also includes a Johnny Joint style replacement for the OEM bushing that presses into the cast in mount on the drivers side of the stock axle. 

NOTE FOR THOSE WITH FRAME STIFFENERS: Our suspension brackets can be used with most frame stiffeners on the market, however some additional installation work will be required. During install you will need to trim the inner frame pinch seam extra to allow the brackets to shift outward the thickness of the stiffener. You will also need to make a shim to fill the gap between the floor and the bolt flanges on the brackets to compensate for the thickness of the stiffeners shifting the brackets down. If you have not yet installed frame stiffeners we recommend doing them after the bracket install as it is easier, but they can be installed either way. 

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