Trail Proof Crossmember & T-Case Skid - Jeep XJ/MJ

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Constructed from laser cut and CNC formed 3/16" steel this crossmember is designed to take a beating. Replaces the stock stamped sheetmetal crossmember in most Cherokee and Comanche models with the NP231 transfer case. This crossmember was also designed to work in conjunction with our long arm brackets for the ultimate in suspension and undercarriage upgrades. 

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NOTE: Designed to fit with NP231 Transfer case models. Requires modification for NP242. Does not fit Peugeot 5speed transmission models.   

Install Notes: This crossmember was designed to be a direct replacement for the stock part, and mounts using all the existing hardware. There is one additional optional mounting point towards the rear of the skid. The hole there lines up with an existing hole in the frame, and we provide a riv-nut and bolt that will need to be installed there. We also provide a thick spacer to fill the gap between the skid and the bottom of the frame on Cherokee models. Comanche models do not need this spacer as the frame is flat. If you've never installed a riv-nut before there are a bunch of YouTube videos with different ways of doing it using basic tools.