New Roll Stop TRE Boots!

Here's another new product we've been working on for a long time. The inverted-T steering system is a very common design, sold by many companies including SFR. The only drawback to this design is that if you have significant drag link angle turning the wheel tends to push and pull in a vertical direction on the tie rod and roll it back and forth. This causes a dead spot and loose feeling steering. With our Premium 1-ton kits we mostly mitigated this issue by choosing high quality MOOG tie rod ends that are both limited in rotation, and that also incorporated a bushing into their grease boots. This works fairly well, but we knew we could do better. 

Introducing the SFR Roll Stop TRE Boots. We talked to the manufacturer of our popular SuperSoft bushings used in our motor and trans mounts and worked together to come up with a grease boot with a heavy duty bushing integrated into it. These are a very dense polyurethane that gets squeezed between the face of the TRE and the surface it is mounting to. This allows the TRE to still move as necessary, but greatly resists the rolling movement you don't want. There are some competitors out there selling similar devices, but all have several drawbacks. They are all using Delrin or a similar hard plastic material. One problem with that is because of varying distances between the TRE and the mating surface you may need to sand it down to fit. Another is that a delrin disc is not a very good sealing grease boot, so dirt and water can still get in and wear out your TRE. Most importantly, when your steering moves back and forth the tie rod ends do need to flex. Putting a hard spacer in the middle adds a lot of unnecessary stress to the TRE and will cause accelerated wear. One last reason to choose SFR, because these are molded instead of machined, they are much more inexpensive to manufacture, and we pass that savings on to you with a much lower price than the other guys. 

Our new Roll Stop Grease Boots are designed to allow the movement you need, and stop the movement you don't. They are available individually, and we also now include them in all of our Premium 1-Ton steering kits.