SFR Trail Proof Transmission Mount Jeep XJ Cherokee

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This mount replaces Anchor Part #2625, 3188 and 2570, which covers all Cherokee models except for Peugeot 5speeds. Replaces BOTH offset and centered mounts

The stock Cherokee Transmission mount was never designed to handle serious abuse. It's weak and often sags out of position which puts excess load on the motor mounts causing them to fail prematurely as well. Our heavy duty mount solves all that. It's constructed from 3/16" thick steel and the bushing is housed in a 1/4" thick shell. Our mount uses our exclusive SuperSoft bushings for vibration absorption. The modular design of our latest generation transmission mount allows it to replace both the centered and offset stock mounts.  These pair perfectly with our heavy duty motor mounts. Keep your drivetrain where it belongs, and stop repeatedly replacing the stock mounts that just aren't up to the job.

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