SFR Trail Proof Motor Mounts Jeep 4.0L

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This is the first thing every Jeep owner needs! SFR heavy duty motor mounts fit all years of Jeep YJ, TJ, LJ, XJ, and MJ vehicles with the 4.0L 6 cylinder engine. We designed these with strength and durability in mind, but didn't forget about the price tag. These mounts are made from 3/16" thick steel, with a 1/4" thick shell for the bushing.They come with our exclusive SFR SuperSoft bushings for the most vibration absorption possible.

Mounting hardware is included. Sold in pairs.  

These mounts pair perfectly with our engine side mounting plates. Together you'll never have to worry about engine mounting issues again.

For more details and information on all of our drivetrain mounts CLICK HERE to read our detailed article.   

Installation notes:

1. On a small number of vehicles some minor trimming of the bushing shoulder is necessary due to Jeep not machining the stock bracket fully. This is not a problem on most models, or when using our engine plates. 

2. The best method for holding the inner bolt on the passenger side to tighten is shown below. Slide a short open end wrench under the bushing shell from the outside to hold the bolt, then tighten from underneath in the same manner as the stock mount. More details can be found in our post HERE