SFR Trail Proof Engine Mounting Plates - Jeep XJ (87-01), YJ (87-95), TJ (97-99)

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It's no secret that when used heavily off road the stock Jeep 4.0L motor mounts dont hold up very well.The stock engine side mounts only use 3 bolts to secure them, and they are quite close together which puts a lot of stress on the engine block. This design is fine for street duty, but when you start taking your Jeep off-road you can find that those bolts will pull out of the block, or worse yet the actual block will fail, leaving you stranded and in need of a replacement engine. Not a good scenario for sure.

Our solution is simple. There are a number of unused holes in the sides of the engine block. Our new heavy duty mounts bolt into the stock location, as well as the surrounding bolt holes for extra strength and to spread the load over a larger area of the block. Our mounts can be used with the stock rubber engine isolator, but they were designed to be used with heavy duty isolators like the ones we build, or others as the stock rubber mounts dont tend to last long off-road either. These mounts were designed for serious abuse, in fact the very first set was specifically designed for the KOH TJ just before the 2010 King of the Hammers race. Needless to say that TJ has been through about as much abuse as any Jeep out there, and one thing we've never even had to think about is the engine mounts.  

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