6G Bronco Full Skid Plate Set

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This is the full set of our heavy duty skid plates for the 2021+ Bronco. Kit includes the Front Skid set, Transmission and T-Case Skids, and front A-Arm Skids. 

DOES NOT INCLUDE V6 CROSSMEMBER BRACE SKIDS. They are shown in some pics, but are sold separately. 


Solid protection for your Bronco. Built from 3/16" thick steel to take serious abuse and zinc plated for rust protection.

We know there are plenty of people who want to really use their Bronco, and who need more protection than the stock plastic splash guards or the tinfoil "bash plates". These are for you! These heavy duty skid plates are more than double the thickness of the flimsy stock bash plates, and will protect all the vulnerable parts underneath.