XJ, TJ, ZJ Axle Swap Coil Mounts

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THIS ITEM IS THE COIL MOUNTS ONLY. Lower control arm mounts and shock mounts are not included. If you want everything together you'll want our Axle Swap Bracket Kit

Designed specifically for swapping a JK front axle into your XJ, TJ or ZJ, these brackets replicate the factory coil, lower control arm and shock mounts in a much heavier duty fashion. These brackets make swapping a JK or other front axle into your older Jeep a breeze. These brackets locate the coils in the original position forward of the axle tube, but provisions have also been made for moving the coil back for wheelbase stretches or other custom setups. They can also be used in custom rear axle setups as well

We also offer a Steering Kit for the JK axle swap, as well as OTA track bar kits for the XJ/ZJ and TJ/LJ and our HD Upper Control Arm Bracket to complete the setup. If you're planning to run a different axle using more stock style steering and track bar, our HD Stock Replacement Track bar mount will also work well. If you plan to run a sway bar our Over the Top sway bar brackets may also interest you.