Heavy Duty stock replacement Track Bar Bracket XJ, TJ, ZJ

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The stock track bar bracket on Jeep front axles is a constant source of problems. It's far too flimsy, being made from thin sheet metal. It's extremely common for the bolt holes in this bracket to become wallowed out, allowing the track bar to move around causing poor handling or death wobble. In addition there isn't much metal there to effectively perform a repair, and access to the nut on the back side is severely limited. It's nearly impossible to get a wrench in there. 

Our replacement bracket solves all of these problems and more. Made from thick 3/16" Steel plate you won't need to worry about it tearing or the holes wallowing out. It's much stronger than the original piece, while retaining the stock geometry. We also added a second hole 3/4" to the right of the standard hole to allow centering of the axle on lifted Jeeps that are still using the stock track bar. Finally, we designed this bracket with service in mind. We cut a window to the under side that is big enough for a wrench to slide in to hold the nut. This is the perfect repair piece for those experiencing these problems, and the best way to prevent the issues for those who haven't had them yet. 

Holes are the stock 10mm diameter for use with a stock trackbar, or they can be drilled larger to fit aftermarket trackbars using larger bolts. This bracket requires cutting and welding and should only be installed by qualified personnel. *bolt shown in pictures is for illustration purposes only, no hardware is included, only the actual bracket.