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One of the most common annoyances when doing simple maintenance on your vehicle is keeping track of the hardware. The wheels are always the first thing to come off, and often I find myself just piling the lugnuts up on the floor, then promptly kicking them across the shop by accident. Either that or I dump them into the magnetic bowl, where they take up the entire thing, leaving little room for other hardware. Searching for a solution to this annoyance we came up with the LugRack. This simple little bracket has fingers for up to 8 lugnuts, and holes for up to 8 lug bolts (for you european types). The holes will fit up to 5/8" lug bolts, and the fingers go down to 10mm nuts. They are also useful for holding screwdrivers or extra sockets while you work.  These can be attached to any vertical surface using bolts through the mounting holes, magnets as shown, or double sided tape. 

Made from 14 gauge stainless, these are designed for daily shop use and will last a lifetime. Almost long enough to find that last lugnut I kicked under the toolbox.