SFR XJ Shackle Relocation Brackets

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Heavy Duty No Lift Shackle Relocation Brackets for Jeep XJ Cherokee. These enable you to adjust shackle angle for optimum performance when using re-arched lift springs. Constructed from 1/4" steel, these brackets mount using the 4 trailer hitch attachment bolts, as well as 4 additional bolts through the floor and rear bulkhead. SOLD AS A PAIR

Most XJ's come with the trailer hitch nutplates already installed from the factory, but if yours does not you will need to purchase them. We recommend Crown Automotive PN 52001174K 

These can be used with stock shackles, however we do not normally recommend it. Because of the short length of those shackles adjustment will be very limited. 


*requires removal of stock shackle box, this is a permanent modification.*

PLEASE NOTE: We supply 9/16" shackle hardware. Some other manufacturers use 14mm which is slightly smaller and may require use of a 14mm bolt. 



Any modification to your steering, brakes, or suspension will alter how your vehicle drives. Care must be taken to avoid loss of control or rollover of modified vehicles. SFR Products are sold for Off-Road vehicles. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for its safe operation and use.